Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is an active Nevada real estate license required?

Yes and it must be maintained as active.

What are the initial fees required to join Referlty?

ZERO!! No up-front fees are required.

What fees do I pay as an agent with Referlty?

NONE!! No monthly fees, no split commissions, no MLS fees, no association board member fees, and no errors and omission insurance fees.

Can I change from being a part-time to full-time agent?

Yes.  We offer a transition career path from part-time with Referlty to full-time with Luxury Realty Group.  We have a luxury real estate mentoring program to help you grow your luxury real estate business.

Is a minimum number of referrals required from me?

Yes.  Please contact us to discuss our referral commission annual commitment level

Do you offer Advanced Commissions?

Yes we do.  Through our affiliated partner reConsortia, there will be commission advance programs available to you.

Can I have another real estate job while working under Referlty?

No because as a part-time referral real estate agent we require you to be exclusive to Referlty for real estate related business.  

Is there a bonus for me if I bring another part-time Nevada real estate agent into Referlty?

Yes.  More details are available should you join Referlty.

What will you do to ensure my real estate referrals are processed?

Referlty was created by the broker of Luxury Realty Group LLC, a las vegas real estate brokerage in business over 19 years!!  Your referrals will go to a full-time Luxury Realty Group real estate agent and you will receive status updates during the transaction.

Can I refer anyone I meet that needs to buy or sell real estate?

As long as you've thoroughly vetted the buyer or seller referral then you can submit an unlimited number of Nevada real estate referrals.  

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